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Are there particular problems or issues that can be identified where the use of Sensemaking tools could make a decisive difference? I imagine this would involve a sequence of finding such a point, applying Sensemaking and related tools to surface and confirm the real nature and cause/effect sequences of what’s going on, and then visualizing/expressing the results so they can be comprehended by the public, relevant groups, and decision-makers. This is pretty much what Buckminster Fuller was suggesting through his notions of comprehensive anticipatory design science and World Game.

In my blog post Financial markets live on price-inflating bubbles? I suggest one candidate for such an acupuncture point. Hypothesis: financial markets are artificially inflating prices in bubble markets created by runaway velocity of money. If this is true the consequences are enormous. If not, let’s get this meme out of the way so we can concentrate on what’s really happening.


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Over here, George Mobus poses an excellent question about the philosophical aspects of sensemaking and its operational definition. I think he provides an excellent informal definition with this:

Sensemaking … is about understanding reality sufficiently well that one feels comfortable making statements about the future. That is, not necessarily making predictions, but anticipating future possibilities based on understanding how the world works.

In that light consider this series of definitions:


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