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Building on Tim Bonnemann’s excellent Wordle, and Mark Szpakowski’s suggestion, here’s a first pass at mapping Barack Obama’s speech in Berlin.

The snapshot below displays the top layer of the map. Click anywhere on the image to open and explore the underlying structure—and feel free to log-in and improve the first draft.

In preparing the first draft it has been fascinating to compare the different senses, dimensions and saliencies of the speech that emerge via the different forms and interpretations: video, transcript, Wordle, and map. Let me know what you think below…

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PlanBlog condenses (using Wordle) Barack Obama’s Berlin speech, given today, into a word cloud (see both the word cloud and the speech). Interesting… as Eugene Eric Kim comments, world is the most frequently used word.

Any tools to open up the speech’s argument or idea or intentional structure?

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